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We’ve been serving Canadian and American residents with the highest quality windows and doors for over 50 years. We design our products to help you enjoy the world around you in the best way possible.

An Innovative Canadian Company

For almost 60 years, Accurate Dorwin has been driven by the single purpose of delivering the highest performing and most durable windows and doors on the market.

Truck Meeting and exceeding the needs for commercial and residential projects. When you are looking for quality products that will stand up to your standards and then test of time, choose the unparalleled advantage that only Accurate Dorwin can deliver.

Benefits Of Fiberglass

  • Accurate Dorwin products are manufactured using the brilliant simplicity of pultruded fiberglass, a material created by saturating micro strands of glass fiber with resins to make it so tough and durable that this innovative product is found in modern aircraft design, turbine windmills, and even bridges. Virtually impervious to moisture, these windows won’t bend, warp, discolour, corrode, rust, fade or deteriorate no matter what Mother Nature throws their way. In fact, Accurate Dorwin fiberglass windows are 8 times stronger than PVC. Because the entire window is made from the same material – glass – there is a consistent and unified expansion and contraction with weather. This means that unlike other materials such as wood, aluminum or PVC there is a very low risk of seal failure, glass breakage, or frame stress.



Started by the Johnstone family, Accurate Dorwin became a leader in servicing the fenestration industry has been in the business of making the finest quality and highest energy rated windows and doors since 1952 operating originally as Accurate Glass.


In 1964, Bob Johnstone bought Dorwin Industries to support the on growth of the ongoing local Winnipeg market. This added to the diversification of the company and brought growth in new markets.


In 1983, Accurate Dorwin of Winnipeg introduced the first fiberglass window to the world. The idea evolved from a simple concept of using a composite material that is thermally superior to steel, wood, vinyl aluminum, and other materials. It was a revolutionary idea that proved to be a challenge. Nothing existed to fabricate the required window profiles.


“A Company That Service Built” With over 60 years experience and a reputation for offering the best product, Accurate Dorwin backs every product sold with the very best customer service. Customer satisfaction is a priority and Accurate Dorwin is committed to delivering the very best service.


“Think Fiberglass First for Windows that Last” Accurate Dorwin rebounds after a flood shuts down production and within a month following its key supplier being destroyed by fire. With an eye on building its local presence and continuing to deliver on its service commitments, Accurate Dorwin looks to expand exports across North Western USA and educating customers on the value of quality products direct from the manufacturer with expert support and service.

Deal Direct

When you choose Accurate Dorwin, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. Factory direct buying cuts out the middle man and gives you the ability to customize your project based on design and performance needs.

Expertise you can trust

Accurate Dorwin provides end to end advice across the fenestration industry. Our experts have extensive experience and hands on knowledge in the industry.

High Performance

Our goal to provide our customers with high-quality windows and doors has led us to the most superior manufacturing material on the market. Accurate Dorwin’s experience with aluminum and use of fiberglass gives us an advantage that other window and door companies don’t have. It’s why we call it the Accurate Dorwin advantage.

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Deal Direct

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High Performance

Products that stand the test of time.

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