Superior Thermal Performance and More Beautiful Views

It’s a strong statement and we stand behind it: Accurate Dorwin fiberglass window systems featuring technologically advanced pultruded fiberglass lineals are superior to PVC, aluminum, or metal-clad wood window frame materials.

In the window market for over 50 years, Accurate Dorwin developed a new and unique window system in 1983 that utilized a pultruded fiberglass frame, insulating foam and high performance insulated glass. Today we refer to it as  the ultimate window.

As the ultimate window frame material, pultruded fiberglass features superior performance that is recognized in a number of ways:

Energy Efficiency

Durability & Aesthetics
Temperature Extremes & Stability
Energy Efficiency Durability  and aesthetics Temperature extremes and stability Green friendly
Fiberglass windows are the most energy efficient windows in the market. It’s a fact. Superior thermal performance means less money spent on heating and cooling your residence, or work place.
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Almost eight times stronger than PVC, fiberglass windows have incredible strength that result in lower profile frames. This means more glass surface and a spectacular view.

Superior durability means fiberglass windows will not bend, bow, rot, or twist when exposed to extreme heat or cold. Impervious to moisture and salt, fiberglass windows will not pit or corrode, making it perfect for coastal applications. 
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Fiberglass frames are comprised of 65% - 85% glass fibers. The result is the frame and insluted window glass unit expand and contract in unison, minimizing air leakage and glazing seal failures. The most stable of all window frame materials, there is no Artic blizzard or blistering desert that can affect the performance of fiberglass. It ís a truly low maintenance choice suited to a great range of finishes in any climate or environment.
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The pultrusion process used to create fiberglass frame linerals consumes less energy than all other types of  frame materials. Combined with being energy efficient and minimal V.O.C. off-gassing, fiberglass has earned the recognition as the most environmentally friendly frame material.
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