Durability & Aesthetics

Low-Maintenance is Beautiful

Save your time and energy with fiberglass. You won’t be dealing with rotting, warping, twisting, shrinking, denting or bowing window frames.

Structurally, fiberglass is both stronger and harder than metal-clad wood, PVC and roll-form aluminum. Fiberglass profiles are carefully engineered so that the fiber strands offer incredible longitudinal and transverse strength.

In terms of weather wear, Accurate Dorwin uses high-grade finishes that are incredibly durable. Accelerated aging tests have shown excellent resistance to UV (causing fading) and minimal weathering. Vinyl, especially when tinted, tends to discolor and become brittle over time. Wood, a natural material, is well known to deteriorate. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is both strong and resilient enough to resist denting. Plus, fiberglass doesn't corrode or pit, making it ideal for coastal applications.

Looks are Beautiful

Thanks to its strength, fiberglass windows have slimmer profile frames. This creates an attractive sleek profile. It also allows for even better scenery – more glass and grander views – wherever they're placed.

No premature fading like vinyl, chipping or rotting like wood, or denting like aluminum, which also does not hold paint well. Impervious to water, UV rays and temperature extremes, fiberglass is truly a beautiful low-maintenance choice.