Our Tilt & Slide windows are truly an amazing product, allowing you the best of both worlds.

Tilt & Slide windows combine the advantages of a sliding door with the ventilation of a window, giving you the freedom to open your home to the outside as much or as little as you want.

CAN/CSA - A440 - M90 Please contact your Accurate Dorwin representative for performance information. 
CAN/CSA - A440.1-M91 Energy Rating Up to +6
U Value Down to 0.19
Power Smart Endorsed   Zone 3

Frame and Sash

  • Fiberglass profiles made from 65-85% glass fibers and 15-35% resin.
  • 82.5 mm deep (3”) frame and sash insulated with expanded polystyrene.
  • Frames made from pultruded fiberglass and assembled with tightly silicone sealed mitered corners with foam-filled reinforced and mechanically integrated nylon shear blocks.


  • Standard frame and aluminum brickmold color: White.
  • Additional colors can be viewed by clicking on 'Colors' located on the right side of the page. *
  • Split finishes are available. *

    * Subject to additional charges. Please contact your sales representative for additional information


ENERGY STAR qualified products use less energy than conventional products, saving money and helping protect the environment.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Accurate Dorwin is proud to offer products with the ENERGY STAR label. For more information, please visit www.energystar.gov in the United States and Natural Resources Canada in Canada.


  • Sealed insulated glass units conform to CAN/CSGB-12.8-M90.
  • Dual (18mm thickness) and triple (34mm thickness) glazings available.
  • Glass thickness determined by the National Building Code, depending on size of window.
  • All glazing units manufactured with Super Spacer by Edgetech.
  • High performance glass options: spectrally selective day lighting glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, pyrolytic (hard coat) low emissivity glass and sputtered (soft coat) low emissivity glass.
  • Sealed unit held in place by a removable exterior aluminum glass stop while double-sided foam tape on the interior and thermoplastic rubber on the exterior help secure the glass and protect from the elements.


  • Exterior thermoplastic weatherstrip provides window with dust seal and some rain protection.
  • Center santoprene bulb seal prevents against air and water leakage; inner santoprene spline seal restricts air infiltration.
  • All seals, when used in conjunction with one another, allow cavities to be drained to the exterior to conform to the rain screen principle.
  • All weatherstripping can be replaced.




  • Colors
  • Veneer
  • Brickmoulds

    Extruded aluminum brickmoulds with integral nailing fins are available. Brickmould will lock into face of frame and back with a windbreak that should be fastened into exterior sheathing without exposing nails or screws after applying exterior finish. Various brickmould profiles are available. Standard colors are White, Brown, Sandalwood and Hunter Green but custom colors are available.

  • Jamb Extensions

    Clear Fir Hemlock Oak and prefinished (White only) wood jamb extensions in various depths are available. Other wood jamb materials are available as options as determined by individual needs. A vinyl drywall return is also available.

  • Grills

    Grills add a touch of class to any piece of glass. Available in a range of colors in wood or fiberglass.

  • Simulated Divided Lites

    Simulated divided lites add personality to an otherwise bare window. Available in a number of styles.

CAD Drawings

There are currently no CAD Drawings for this type of windows.

CSI Format Specifications

Fiberglass Windows:
Guide Specifications.

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