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Core Products

Windows & Doors

Accurate Dorwin prides itself in using pultruded fiberglass, allowing us to provide an added layer of quality to our customers. Virtually impervious to moisture, our windows won’t bend, warp, discolour, corrode, rust, fade or deteriorate no matter what Mother Nature throws their way. In fact, Accurate Dorwin fiberglass doors are 8 times stronger than PVC — the material commonly found in our competitors’ products.

Customers choose fiberglass for strength, stability, energy efficiency, durability, and to limit their environmental footprint. Our quality installation, superior materials and selection make Accurate Dorwin the best choice for your new windows and doors.

awning window

Custom Fiberglass Windows

Our windows are one fundamental mechanical design built in several popular formats with a raft of options for customization, ensuring perfect fit and performance for any project.

Custom Fiberglass Doors

Custom doors elevate the aesthetics, accessibility, and comfort of any home. Using fiberglass doesn’t just open up aesthetic possibilities–it provides durability and longevity unmatched by any other material in existence.

Why Fiberglass?

Being a Canadian company, we know harsh, unpredictable weather takes a toll on windows and doors, which is why Accurate Dorwin solely works with the strongest material out there — fiberglass.

Fiberglass is a material created by saturating microscopic strands of glass fiber with adhesive resins. The resulting material is so strong and durable that it is used in modern aircraft, windmill turbines, and even high-tech bridges and buildings. Unsurprisingly, Fiberglass is the strongest window framing material on the market, and that incredible strength results in thinner frames, maximizing glass surface and providing spectacular views.

In addition to strength and durability, homeowners in North America choose fiberglass for its high energy efficiency, allowing a dramatically improved building envelope and environmental footprint.

Fiberglass Features

While traditional window framing materials are dimensionally stable on the shop floor, how they perform in the real world during extremes of humidity, heat, and cold is quite a different story. With metal-clad wood, PVC, and aluminum frames, the varying expansion rates between the glass and frame can result in stressed frames, air leakage, broken glazing seals, condensation, and inoperable hardware. With fiberglass, the window glass and frame materials are the same, allowing the glass and frame to expand and contract at the virtually same rate.


Weather Resistant

Highly Durable

Energy Efficient

Moisture Resistance

Unified Expansion
& Contraction

8X Stronger
than PVC

Glass & Glazing

Along with a wide variety of low emissive coating options, we can provide many different types of glazing to match your lifestyle. These include:

  • Safety & security
  • Heat treated
  • Laminated
  • Low iron
  • Bird friendly
  • Tinted
  • Spandrel
  • Mirror
  • Heavy glass