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If you’re a high-end homebuilder or remodeling contractor, architect or designer or a discerning homeowner looking for high performance to meet your Net Zero or Passive House standards – or just want to improve your comfort and reduce your energy costs – then Accurate Dorwin Fiberglass windows and doors are the ideal solution. It doesn’t end there, our strong, sleek profiles allow for large glass area and our exacting fit-n-finish details are very design friendly. But we are more than just products, our expertise and care to ensure your project goes just right is the added value and security you get from Accurate Dorwin. And being part of the G8 Group means we have a broader selection of product to support other scopes of your build.

We serve the Manitoba and Alberta markets directly through our locations in Winnipeg and Edmonton and have extensive experience in shipping our products to any location in North America. Let’s connect and build something special.


Are you a homeowner looking to replace your windows and doors? Book an in-home consultation with POLAR, part of the G8 Group, and let us look after the improvement of your surroundings

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Accurate Dorwin is the fiberglass window pioneer since 1983 blending the strong, stable and high insulate properties of fibreglass with precise manufacturing techniques and an eye to fit and finish details. As part of the G8 Group, our access to a wider ranges of products means you get a greater ability to enhance your living space. Our experienced team will lend our expertise to your commercial or residential new build or retrofit project, ensuring a positive experience from the planning stages to the successful completion.

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