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Sliding Doors

Adding a sliding door to any home or commercial design allows you to extend your space to include the outdoors. In addition to its aesthetic, the durability you receive with a fiberglass sliding door ensures you are enjoying the view for years to come.

sliding door

Sliding Door Customizations

Available in both dual and tri-pane, sliding doors are available in combinations in two, three, or four panels. Sizes available include 5 feet to 16 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall.

Colour & Finish

Available in smooth or wood grain finish like cherry, mahogany, oak and fir that are painted or stained to match the exterior colour scheme of any home or building. Our doors also include a variety of glazing options, including tri-pane door lite.


Pre-drilling, handle set & deadbolt, or multi point lock selections available to compliment your design.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Need additional information about our windows and doors? We’re happy to hop on a call with you, or if you’re in Winnipeg, even meet you at our showroom to give you an in-person showing.

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